Maria Hartikainen - Ceramic Artist  


My sculptures are forms which express growth, volume and movement. The interior and exterior interact with each other by color and shade as well as the negative space and the body of the sculpture. It is about the relationship between inside and outside, color and shadow, form and repetition.  It’s about the collaboration between the functional and the non-functional, and the contrast between the traditional and the contemporary.

I am fascinated in repetition, and create sculptures which are built with one element, the vessel. With wheel-thrown vessels, which I alter, cut apart and assemble, I hand build sculptures in porcelain and stoneware. I often use bold colors to contrast with the organic form and to emphasize or mute shapes and shadows. Depending on the quantity, size and the opening of the vessels I control the movement and the volume of the sculpture.

In its installation, I like to have my work respond to the space. To imagine how the bodies of clay grow and interact with the surrounding, some of them as diseases spreading and others like reproducing cells growing mass.

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